Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's 3 degrees out, you say? Let's bring a little Jamaica to Chicago!

Matt and Lora were married in Jamaica on November 25, 2010. It was warm and sunny, the sand was most likely quite hot under toe, the rum drinks were definitely flowing, and the flowers were tropical.

Aren't they gorgeous? Doesn't that look nice? I want to go!

Okay, now, fast forward to January 22, 2011: the day of their state-side reception back in Chicago. It looked more like this outside:

You know, it wasn't exactly like this. But it was close.

I believe it was a whopping 3 degrees out when I arrived at the Stonegate, where the reception took place. But the show went on! The goal? Bring a bit of the beach back to the tundra! Not a problem. Minus a few instantaneous floral casualties due to the freezing air during loading and unloading, everything went off without a hitch.

A lot of sand, boat-loads of soft flowers in bright shades of pink, and tons of candlelight combined to successfully create the look of "beachside elegance" the couple wanted to achieve. Here's a sneak preview - just some candid shots of the centerpieces and bouquets. Professional shots to come in due time!

A thousand congratulations, Matt & Lora! Here's to a lifetime of fun in the sun - whatever the weather may be!

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