Thursday, January 19, 2012

Featured in Style Me Pretty!

Mark it on the calendar - it's a milestone day! My first feature in Style Me Pretty! A million thanks to Katie and Jeff Jones (the amazing couple) and Elizabeth Tulipana - the brilliant mastermind behind Anticipation Events - for this fantastic opportunity!

Here's the link for the full story and fabulous photos!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Work with the talented Mike Hirshon for customized wedding goodness!

You know what I love most about doing flowers for weddings? Meeting all kinds of fun new people, and getting to work with them to make their wedding picture-perfect. It's also especially fun when (as so often happens!) the couple has talents of their own which they're applying to the wedding. Now, I hate to generalize, but usually I've found that it's the bride doing the extra work. Chicks just tend to dig stuff like wedding design and decor!

However, there is always an exception to the rule. And in this case, the exception's name is Mike Hirshon: future husband of the amazingly brilliant and equally talented Robin Meyer!

Aren't they cute?

Mike and Robin are getting married in July, and I am the incredibly lucky little florist they've chosen to employ for their big day! It didn't take long for me to realize that I was working with a very special couple. They've really got it all together - that became clear when I first took a gander at their wedding website.

It's so clean and organized and custom-feeling. I especially love the traditions section, where they explain all the ins and outs of a traditional jewish wedding ceremony. I was so impressed by it that I asked Robin which template they used. You know, The Knot has templates for this type of thing. They're usually kind of clunky, though. So imagine my surprise when Robin told me: "Actually, I wrote it, and Mike designed and programmed it."


I wanted to know more!

Turns out, Mr. Hirshon is an illustrator and designer by trade! How awesome! It got even better when the couple came to town. We sat down for lunch and they presented me with this beauty of a save the date:



Isn't it adorable and fantastic? And how cool that they were hand-drawn by the groom himself! I love this idea, and when I talked to Robin and Mike more about it, I found out that he's for hire, and loves designing for weddings! Here's another example of an invitation he created:

I love it!

So brides-to-be, if you're in the market for custom save-the-dates, invitations, thank you cards and websites, check out Mike Hirshon. Now that I'm engaged, I know that I'm going to! :) 

You can get it touch with Mr. Hirshon through his site, here.