Monday, November 7, 2011

Good idea: A November wedding in Chicago!

Hello again, my reading public!

I am clearly behind in my bloggings by oh, about 12 weddings... bad florist! bad florist! I promise to catch up soon, I swear. When the wedding season closes down, the blogging season opens up! Right? RIGHT.

Anyway, I've been keeping extremely busy, but I just had to take 2 minutes to post some sneak preview shots from a wedding I did this weekend. It was just the perfect weather for a wedding here in the Windy City. And Molly and Steve are a fantastic couple!  Their joy & beauty really shine through in these magnificent photos by RoJo Foto Design. (An excellent photographer by the way, brides, and SO friendly, which is a must-have quality in a wedding photographer!)

A thousand congratulations to Molly & Steve!

Man oh man. That black and white shot of Molly makes my heart go pitter-patter! And it's just a preview! I can't wait for more! As to the rest of you? Want to see more photos? There are a few right here!