Monday, January 31, 2011

Here's to the Vixens at Indie Wed!

Being relatively new to the business world of wedding professionals, I still have much to learn. For example, when it comes to getting in the know about upcoming vendor events, I am super wet behind the ears! So, I didn't hear about Indie Wed until it was too late to sign up as a vendor! Lame.

Luckily, I know people. In fact, I know some very wonderful and talented people! And that's exactly how I got my fancy creations into Indie Wed this weekend: my great friend and long-time stylist Vanessa Vargas of Vixen Beauty Lounge offered to let me come aboard and help spruce up her booth. I'm so grateful for her generosity!

I made one bridal bouquet and one centerpiece to match the Vixen brand, which is full of fancy black lace damask, fire engine red lips and pinup attitude! As you may imagine, I had a good time with this. It was a color scheme I don't normally get to play in, and I went for some knockout blooms: fiddlehead ferns, kangaroo paws, classic red roses with black beauty sweetheart roses, black calla lilies and more - with white anemones for polka-dot pop. Peacock feathers added a touch of cabaret quirk. Fun!

For the centerpiece I also threw in a cluster of deep purple artichokes, to introduce a groovy texture. I love working with artichokes almost as much as I love eating them.

Vanessa, Diana and Sarah were all a blast to spend time with at the event. I helped set things up while they worked their magic on hair & makeup for the bridal runway show.

And in the end, all was a success! If you were there at the event, feel free to pop by here and say hello! I think all in attendance had a great time, met new people and were blown away by the talented vendors. I also ate my weight in food samples.

And you know, I've got to just say this before I leave... GO TO VIXEN BEAUTY LOUNGE! Brides, their hair and makeup packages are fantastic. And even if you're not getting married, check them out for cuts, color, waxing, even professional makeup for nights out. I've been working with them for years now and have never been anything but wowed every time I leave the studio. And believe me, I've given Vanessa some tough challenges, including self-butchered bangs and a few pimples I thought would never be hidden from sight. These girls can do it all.

Okay, Indie Wed is over until the summer and it's not exactly wedding season here in Chicago... time to hunker down for the upcoming blizzard. Yikes. Stay warm, everyone!

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