Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, Élan!

Welcome to 2011!

It's a brand new year, full of new beginnings and new possibilities! It's snowing outside and I just ate an entire frozen pizza by myself. (After I cooked it, don't worry.) I'm snuggled up with Forget me Knodt's sleepy mascot, and life is good! So gather 'round, friends, and let's talk about happy things. Happy things, for example, like the celebration of a gorgeous little life! This blog is dedicated to little Miss Élan Rose Orrico, for her first birthday.

[Author clears throat, gargles wine.]

When my beautiful, compassionate, talented and spirited friend Mara announced that she was pregnant, everybody was happy. Especially her husband, Mike:

(Mike, coincidentally, is the BEST DENTIST IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! Even if you don't live near Michigan City, Indiana, I can attest with 200% confidence that the drive is well worth it! He once took out my wisdom tooth and I had NO idea! He totally got me! He's brilliant! Don't delay, make an appointment today!)

For the love of Pete, even Santa Bejeesus Claus trusts Dr. Mike with his pearly whites! See?

Anyway, I'll never forget the day Mara told me she was pregnant. We were knoshing on vegetarian reuben sammiches at a Jewish deli in River North when I asked her how she was.

Me: "How're you doing lately, anyway?"
Mara: "Meh... I've been feeling kinda ucko lately."
Me: "Oh no! Ucko how?"
Mara: "Well, I have a parasite."

Me: (blank stare. holding sammich partway to mouf'.)
Mara: (smiles slyly. slides a picture of an ultrasound across the table to me.)
Me: (commenced bawling, jumping up and running around the table for hugs and smooches!)

It was such great news to hear! I knew she'd be a great mom, that Mike would be a great dad, and that their child would grow up to have a fantastic set of teeth! Of course, none of us could have been properly prepared for just how special their little one would be. Little Miss Élan Rose made her debut last January, and the world's been getting brighter day by day ever since.

She is BEAUTIFUL! And such PERSONALITY! She's a perfect little lady, see?

Photo stolen with neither regret nor remorse from Mike's super rad brother Frank Orrico.

Now it's been a year, and it's time to celebrate this amazing little gal. I asked Mara if I could have the honor of making a centerpiece for her birthday party this upcoming weekend, and access was granted. I chose lots of pinks... not because Élan's a girl, but simply because pink is her signature color! She is a little lady, through and through!

So, a dozen glorious South American roses, a bundle of fragrant sumatra lilies and a handful of happy snapdragons in a perfect blush vase, with one fancy birthday candle in the middle for good measure. I think I did right by her...what do you think?

I wonder if she likes it. I'm tempted to say "It's beautiful! Of course she likes it!" But there's only one way to really be sure. We'd have to ask her...

Yep, she likes it. Thank goodness!

Well, there you have it. A successful first year and many, many more to come! Élan, sweet baby, happy first birthday! Mara and Mike, I love you both! I couldn't be more grateful for the friendship you've given me over the years. (And Dr. Mike, I promise to come in for a cleaning soon... fingers crossed for zero cavities!) :D

I look forward to all the adventures your little lady will have in the future... and I promise not to give her booze until she's 21.


  1. Happy New Year dearest!!!!!! xoxoxo

  2. Happy New Year, Coriander Girl! I can't wait to see what feats you'll accomplish this year!