Friday, October 22, 2010

Poof! Magic!

Designing floral arrangements for an event like a wedding is a process that never ceases to amaze me.

You get up early-early-early and make the trek to the wholesale mart to pick up all your raw materials. You drive back to your shop, unload, clean and prep the flowers and after the hours it takes doing that, you're left standing there panting, gazing out upon a (sometimes overwhelming!) mountain of raw beauty, in various water containers all over the place:

Uh oh. That's a lotta mums! Now what?

Gorgeous! Can't wait to turn those anthuriums and bells of Ireland into bouquets!

Then it takes a little imagination, a little creativity, a little vision, a LOT of elbow grease (strong coffee always helps too!)...

Just 300 more of these to go...

And in the end, you're left with the greatest sense of accomplishment! Because you get to see the final product, all set up...

The magic is in seeing it all come together into a truly memorable event.

And the best part? If all went well, you just made someone else very happy in the process:

This really is the greatest gig in the world!

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