Monday, October 25, 2010

Throw a party for your favorite punkins.

For my very first post (which was really just a test post) I hinted at the idea of using miniature pumpkins filled with flowers as favors for dinner party guests. Well, folks, this isn't just some wild, pie-in-the-sky, hypothetical, fly-by-night, theoretical idea! It is tried and true! Janessa-tested, Janessa's-friends-and-family approved.

If there's one thing that really gets me going, it's entertaining. And combining my love of entertaining with my love of fall's bounty of flowers, colors and foods (especially those of the gourd variety!) seems only natural. So without further ado, Behold: the Pumpkin Party.

* Pumpkin cream cheese dip with peppercorn crackers
* Spice-roasted pumpkin seeds
* Butternut squash soup
* Roasted root vegetables with wild rice
* Stuffed acorn squash
* Toasted pumpkin ravioli
* Pumpkin cheesecake with chocolate ganache
* Pumpkin pie (of course!)
* Signature adult cocktail: pumpkin pie martini

I made enough of these mini centerpiece favors for each guest to take one home. It was lovely to be able to walk guests to the door as they were leaving and send them off with one of these cute little guys, to remind them of the pumpkin-ful gathering for days to come. I'm here to tell you they were a big hit!

Even better, they doubled as decor for the party, adding festivity to every room!

I also carved out some jack-o-lanterns with a twist: autumn leaves and a crisp breeze.

Giant pumpkins were hollowed out for serving dishes -- one for the butternut squash soup and one for the roasted root vegetables. Dinner was served buffet style, so it was a perfect touch!

I brought in natural elements wherever I could for autumnal oomph! The salad bowl was made from a carved-out tree trunk, candleholders were crowns of bittersweet.

And of course, there were supplemental flower arrangements placed throughout the house, to add extra touches of color and cheer. Like these happy zinnias in shades of fall. I am obsessed with zinnias.

All in all, it was a great little event. I love doing flowers for weddings, of course, but there is also a special allure to taking on a dinner party. It's an intimate occasion, so you can really make the most of a theme on a much smaller scale.

Plus, a dinner party is always a delicious way to celebrate any beautiful season! (It just so happens that fall melts my butter like no other season can!) Although, I am dreaming up some truly bright ideas for the holidays... stay tuned!

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