Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fearless mascot? Maybe knodt!

Miss Maddie Knodt is Forget me Knodt's fearless mascot. But she's not feeling so fearless today, on account of the crazy storms we're having right now. She was quoted this morning as saying:

"No flowers today. No modeling or mascoting today. No playing today. If I am needed, I will be right here in the bathroom, where it is safe. Please go about your business now, I am upset with Mother Nature and would prefer to be left in solitude."

Such doom and gloom is highly out of character for the usually rambunctious and optimistic seven-year-old. (Please refer to Exhibits A and B below, for proof):

Exhibit A: Such happiness! Such majesty! Such joie de vivre!
(Photo by Imaginative Studios)

Exhibit B: Such focus! Such determination!
(Photo by Imaginative Studios)

We're hoping she gets her groove back soon. The business just doesn't function well without its fearless mascot operating at 100%. Please send well-wishings and emails to janessa@forgetmeknodt.com (I will translate for her) and direct all biscuits to Maddie's P.O. Box.

With enough support, she may get back to full strength before we know it!

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