Monday, February 21, 2011

Fasten your safety belts...

We're in for a wild week, folks. As if putting together a bajillion estimates wasn't enough (although I'm not complaining, here! I can't wait for all these glorious spring and summer weddings!) this is my last week in my current apartment. I officially move on up this Saturday!

So for the last few weeks I've been going through my possessions and getting rid of things I never:

1. Wear
2. Use
3. Look at

And I've got to say, while it's a lot of work to purge like that, it's also wonderfully freeing! I even went through my boxes of old photos, throwing away hundreds of pre-digital-camera-era photos. I had far too many terrible Christmas morning shots of my adorable brothers with bed head and their eyes half closed, unenthusiastically holding up new pairs of socks & such.

Then there's also the issue of switching over utilities, updating addresses with the bank, magazines, yada yada yada. It's a lot to do while still keeping up with work! I mean, come on, even Maddie (Forget me Knodt's fearless mascot) is feeling the pressure:

Maddie's Glamour Shot courtesy of Imaginative Studios.

See how pensive she looks? She's clearly not operating at 100%. She'd never allow that spot of drool to sit on her chin during a photo op, for example, if she was bringing her A-Game. Poor Mads.

Please, nobody tell her I posted this photo. The last thing I need this week is to come home to an apartment filled to the brim not only with boxes, but also chewed up shoes. Although, if she did chew up my shoes that would be fewer things to pack. Hm....

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