Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What's up, cream puff?

I need to have a serious conversation with you. About cream puffs.

Well, first, let me back up a bit. Some of you may remember from a few blog postings back, my lovely friends Annie and Becca? I did flowers for a sort of dual baby shower for them? Remember? Yeah? Okay, well GOOD NEWS! Annie just had her little baby boy yesterday! He is SO cute! Roughly the size of a football. Or a very large burrito. I love him!

Look at that happy family!

I got to see him at the hospital last night, but I wanted to also drop by and bring the glorious family something today. Flowers, you assume? YOU ASSUME WRONG! Haha. I do adore flowers, and I will most definitely bring her some flowers once she's all set at home. In fact, I will fill her house with blooms to the point where she may feel a bit confused and overwhelmed! But for now? Cream puffs.

I have, you see, what some may call an "unhealthy" obsession with a Japan-based cream puff company called Beard Papa's. About a year ago they opened a Chicago location and I started frequenting their store to stuff my face -- and the faces of those I love. Today I figured, what better treat for a proud new papa and mama, than a Beard Papa!

Their cream puffs are like heavenly fluffballs of creamy creampuffy amazingness! Not too sweet, mind you... just sweet enough. Light, flaky, perfect.

Sweet Jesus look at those puffs.

I WANT ONE NOW! Alas, I left them all with Annie, her hubs and baby. They deserved them, after all, not I.

Anyway, while I was waiting for my puffs to be made, I got chatty with the store manager. It occurred to me that cream puffs could -- and SHOULD -- be the new cupcake! So I asked him if they've ever done any weddings. He said, "Acutally, yes! We did one during the summer... all strawberry puffs. We brought our machines out there and were making & filling puffs to order for the reception. People loved it!"


Brides. If you're reading this. Check out these puffs, please! They'd be such a deliciously different alternative to cake or cupcakes! Your guests would remember it forever! I am being totally and completely serious!

Man. I want a cream puff.

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