Friday, December 3, 2010

Silver Bells...

Man. The holiday season hit Chicago all at once on Wednesday, with snow flurries, sub-freezing temperatures and a seemingly-overnight sprouting of Christmas tree lots! I love it! I'm in heaven! Every time I visit the wholesale flower mart I spend entirely too much time back in the holiday greens area, taking in all the fragrant pine!

I am a total geek for Christmas.

Anyway, I've been so-so-so busy, and now I'm behind on my blog! I've got two great events yet to post here -- one was a fabulous wine tasting soiree, and one was a super cool corporate event. I'm hoping to get them both up today because there are fantastic photos for each.

Looks like I need some helpful, hard-working blogger elves, eh?


  1. I need a little bit of your enthusiasm to rub off, the cold has got me feeling down right blue! I hate it I hate it I hate it! I want spring now! How am I gonna get through it when it just arrived, I usually don't feel so sad about it until late January. Teach me oh wise one.

  2. 2 words, Coriander Girl: Cream. Puffs.