Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thinking outside the (flower) box.

Author's Note: This post is dreadfully overdue! I've been so busy, but there is no excuse! After all, this particular event is way too much fun to talk about! So without further ado...

In the beginning of November I was tasked with coming up with "innovative floral solutions" (if you will) for a corporate event designed around the theme of Innovation. So, I decided to think outside the flower box! I had great fun with this event -- both with the innovation theme, and designing in a very modern, sleek style that's not typical of my work.

It's always good to try something new! Here are a few snaps from the event:

Just inside the entryway--a cluster of bright arrangements.

Upside-down callas, submerged hydrangea and one fuzzball-green Dianthus in a four-legged vase!

I couldn't get enough of these Dr. Seuss-esque fuzzballs.

And why not hang flowers from the ceiling? The kitchen island, I was told, would be taken up for wine and fancy snacks, so I took the flowers up a notch, with a few pomanders and hanging vases.


Bottoms up! Fantastic catering provided by Nacional 27.

Literally every nook & cranny of the event had a delightfully wacky little touch, which was great fun. It's always nice to break out of the mold every now and then. Cheers!

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