Monday, November 8, 2010

Here's to the ladies who lunch. (And the babies who love them!)

Gather 'round, friends, and I'll tell you my tale of Annie and Becca.

They are two good friends of mine, and I feel so lucky to know them! I'm fairly new to the scene though. These gals have been best friends for more than a decade (12 years, I believe!) having met and fallen head over heels back in their college days.

I adore tales of lasting friendship... especially when there's a twist! Annie and Becca ended up both getting pregnant, with due dates within two months of one another! And I'll even take it a step further: they found they were both having boys! (!!!)

Becca's due date was first, and sure enough sweet baby Lleyton arrived on schedule at the end of October. Becca decided that having a newborn was far too easy...certainly not hectic...sleep was not at all important...and clearly, parties must be had! So this past weekend she threw a lavish celebratory luncheon for Annie, in honor of her baby-boy-to-be.

I was honored with the delightful task of creating flowers for the occasion and I couldn't have been more excited! It opened me up to some new blooms I haven't played with before, and brought back a few old flames, as well. (I haven't worked with Babies' Breath in ages!)

Lamb's Ears draped over the edge of baby-boy-blue ceramic pots, soft as a baby blanket. Ornamental Kale served up a little *wink-wink* Cabbage Patch-y flair, while Babies' Breath added whimsy. Fun!

In addition to the two large centerpieces for Annie and Becca, I also made individual favor arrangements for each lunching lady, in ceramic pots of lemon yellow and lime green. They were so adorable!

All boxed up and ready for lunch!

The dining area was absolutely gorgeous...more than I could have ever imagined! The huge, round mahogany table and silver pedestal made for a truly beautiful setting.

Love those Lamb's Ears! I couldn't stop touching them - they are so incredibly soft.

Becca's centerpiece graced the dessert table. Sweets to the sweet!

Each guest was able to take her favor home at the end of the luncheon as a memento of a lovely afternoon!

Becca, Annie, thank you so much for letting me be a part of such a sweet afternoon! Here's to ladies who lunch, and here's to you - two best friends, starting an exciting new chapter in life together! Those baby boys have some pretty special mamas.


  1. You are an amazing friend Janessa! Thank you so much not only for your friendship but for all of your talent and creativity! Your flowers are just exquisite! You make every occasion so much more beautiful! Thank you!

  2. Annie, it was a pleasure! I can't wait to meet the little man!

  3. #1 I love kale
    #2 I love baby's breath, bring it back sister!

    The flowers are beautiful---what lucky friends you have!